The experienced developed throughout the years, as well as the capacity and experience of the professionals in the electrical field, form an offer of high specialization in studies that deal with planning, optimization and comprehensive management of electrical power, power generation, transmission and distribution systems. This includes industrial, residential and those related with renewable energies. This experience is added to the technical development of projects, inspection and administration of contracts. At present, GTD Consulting Engineers is qualified and register as a Technical Auditor of all the Centers of Economic Load Dispatch (CDEC) of the country’s interconnected systems of the north (Norte Grande) and center (Central).

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The experience gained over a decade from studies and projects in electrical matters, which comprise over 70 consulting contracts; provided by the World Bank and the Interamerican Development Bank (IBD), governmental agencies (owners and regulators) in the electric field such as CORFO, SAE, CODELCO, SEC and NEC; Chilean generators and distribution companies, industries, mining, Chilean banks and auditing firms; foreign regulators (Peru and the Dominican Republic), foreign generation and distribution companies. It should be noted the experience gained from studies and processes of pricing of generation, transmission and distribution, advising in these matters to both regulators and companies; permanent advice in contract negotiations with suppliers, such as dispute resolution and arbitration between companies, authorities and consumers; projects and inspections for power, lighting, control, protection and industrial instrumentation installations.


  • Production Rate Calculation (knots, marginal costs, transmission and distribution)
  • Calculation of basic transmission fees: Penalty, prorate and tariff income factors
  • Operation planning studies, revenues and costs optimized to power systems for generation, transmission and distribution
  • Advise on electricity supply contracts
  • Projects of basic and detailed engineering, transmission lines, substations, distribution lines, lighting and power, in high, medium and low voltage
  • Technical feasibility studies for projects
  • Analysis of alternatives to optimize energy consumption, aimed at cost reduction and efficiency
  • Advising on procurement of electricity supply
  • Assessment and reduction of technical losses in electrical equipment and installations
  • Analysis of electrical systems and programming of technical processes
  • Technical analysis aimed at optimizing management and technical procedures
  • Development of technical application software and related studies such as short circuit analysis; coordination of electrical protection and topology optimization to minimize losses
  • Basic and detailed engineering projects of control, using conventional technology and electronic devices (PLC).
  • Outlining, cadaster and measurements for the collections of technical and financial information
  • Simulation of economic operation of hydrothermal systems
  • Specialized studies of power systems in generation, transmission and distribution
  • Audits of energy and engineering processes
  • Advice on contracts for electrical operation
  • Administration and implementation of projects
  • Studies of laws, regulations and standards for the electricity sector
  • Conceptual engineering of power substations, transmission lines and medium voltage
  • Conceptual engineering automation and control of power systems
  • Redesign of processes
  • Studies of laws, regulations and standards for the electricity sector
  • Solutions for the application of power sector rules
  • Management
  • Service quality management
  • Specialized economic studies in the field
  • Static and dynamic impact studies of generation sources and big electrical charges